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I believe that knowledge is power. That's why I want to share with you all the courses, seminars and classes that I am attending so that you can get more knowledge in less time. 

How To Run Your Day

To Win Your Day 

By Anastasios Tsirpouchtsidis

Productivity tips and habits that help you increase focus & get stuff done.

Powerful Storytelling 


By Saledad O'Brien

Capturing your audience's attention through powerful storytelling.

Presentation Design For

Smart People

By MJ Truong

No b.s approach to constructing, designing & presenting presentations.



By Anastasios Tsirpouchtsidis

Founder of Skillshare on how to create your ideal week for maximum productivity.

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The Vision

Of Leadership

By Neil Blumenthal

Founder of Warby Parker on how to build a socially driven brand in the 21st century.

How To Start 

A Startup 

By Stanford University

In-depth dive for early entrepreneurs on how to create a successful startup.

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Synergy Global


By Propelify

Entrepreneurship seminar with speakers such as Gary V, Simon Sinek and more...

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