How to Run Your Day

To Win Your Day

By: Anastasios Tsirpouchtsidis

Part 1: Keep your promises 

  • Successful people value consistency and structure 

  • Unproductive people don’t keep to the promises they make to themselves, they tell themselves they will do something and don’t do it. This creates a HUGE sub-conscious toll on your mind, makes your mind think you’re not trustworthy 

  • Small wins over time create a huge momentum 


Part 2 : Simplify your to-do list 

  • It’s ironic how to-do lists have made us so overwhelmed instead of helping us 

    • They have become ‘Should do, Would do lists’ 

  • How to structure your To-Do?

    1. Your to do list has to be your must-do list of the day 

      • How do you know what needs to be done? 

        • #1 What needs to be done this week?

        • ^ What are my projects/goals? 

      • What deliverables do I have this week

        • These deliverables are something you can show to someone 

    2. Next you consider your current reality in-terms of what time you need to dedicate to other commitments 

      • Meetings, Coaching Calls, Family-Time etc. 

    3. Create the list for the day (Allocate specific time for each task) 

      • Give tasks the attention, focus & respect they deserve 

      • Most important task is the first thing in the day 

      • Adding a time helps you in two ways 

        1. Helps you figure out whether the plan for the day is realistic 

        2. Task duration should match your concentration capacity 

  • New To-Do List 

    • Short

    • Specific 

    • Realistic 

    • Manageable 


Part 3 : Improve your mornings 

  • Setting up the day for success if very important 

  • Core elements for morning routine 

    • Hydration 

    • Meditation / Gratitude 

    • Exercise/Stretching 

  • At the end of the routine, look at your to-do list from last night & visualize yourself going through that day *VERY POWERFUL  

    • See yourself effortlessly doing these things and accomplishing your to-do list 

    • Will help you increase the odds of success by anticipating obstacles & finding synergies 


Part 4: Decide how you will show up 

  • When people create to do’s, they forget their to be’s 

  • Habits/Behavior (Example: During this day, I want to be calm to storms. During this day, I want to be sociable. During this day, I want to spread positivity) 

  • Replace impulse with intention 

    • Physicality 

    • Emotional Level 

    • How you want to be before a task 

  • Make a separate list of how you want to show up on a particular day 

Part 5: Execute like a champion 

  • Quick Summary of what you need to do 

    1. Creating short, specific, realistic and manageable to-do list 

    2. Visualization of the to-do list 

    3. Set intentions for how you will show up for that day 

  • #1 Rule: Execution Mode 

    • No more doubting or judging that list 

    • EXECUTE THAT LIST THAT DAY, THERE IS NO OPTION. Keep your promise to yourself.

    • New way of thinking 

      • Old Thinking: Pick task and define how much time it will take to complete 

      • New Thinking: Set a time and define how much of your task you can accomplish 

  • #2 Rule: This or nothing 

    • If you get distracted, you remind yourself this or nothing & go back to that list 

    • You do what you said you would do 

  • Pro Tip: If you have doubt/trouble with starting a task, clarify what the outcome or deliverable of doing that task will be 

    • In the beginning of the task, spend 1-5 minutes in setting intention 

    • At the end of the hour take a 10 minute break 

    • It doesn’t matter how far you come, what matters is that you spend the entire time on a task 

  • Best way to beat procrastination is deciding what the next step is 

Part 6 : Manage your energy 

  • 4 dimensions of energy 

    1. Physical

      • Nutrition, Hydration, Exercise, Sleep 

      • Make sure that these 4 are covered well to ensure high energy 

    2. Emotional

      • Emotional state has a huge impact on you & others

      • Check in with yourself during the day 

        • What emotional state am I in?

        • What triggered it? 

        • How do I get out of it? 

          • Music 

          • Walk in nature 

          • Socializing 

    3. Mental 

      • Low energy = lack of mental energy 

        • Multitasking is not good. Should work on one task at a time 

        • Negative self-talk is bad 

          • What are the stories you tell yourself? 

    4. Spiritual  

      • All about purpose 

        • Will feel drained & lost without the bigger picture 

      • Allign everything you do with where you ant to go 


Part 7: Resist the urge 

  • Sources of distraction 

    • Ourselves 

    • Other people 

      • If someone pulls your attention, for a few minutes think where you left off and make a little note where you can pick up the task 

  • When working on a focused task and something comes up resist the urgency of responding to it

    • Resist that urge and write the thing down somewhere 

  • Pro Tip: Putting notifications to put yourself back on track 

    • Make a reminder when you know you feel less energetic/productive “Am I doing what I am supposed to do?” Or “How is my energy right now” 

Part 8 : Call it a day 

  • If you struggle with ending your day well, tell yourself to get everything done by a specific time when you will stop working & commit to that time.

  • Pro Tip: Set a routine to run every time at the end of your work-period to end it 

    • Review the day (15-20 minutes) & Catch up on these tiny things that need to be done 

      • Look at the things that didn’t get done/ people you had to reach out to/ email you had to send out 

      • See if these things can be completely removed 

Part 9 : 4 simple-improvement questions 

  • Ask these questions at the end of the day 

    1. Did I do what I promised myself to do?

    2. Did I get work done that was relevant or did I just do busy work?

    3. What helped me get stuff done? (Behavior, Habits, Thoughts)? 

    4. What do I need to do to improve?

  • Put the things that you didn’t actually plan but ended up doing intuitively doing in your to-do list so that you can look back to them 


Part 10 : Summary 

  • Keep to your promises 

  • Upgrade your ‘To-do List’ (Only the stuff you must do) 

  • Visualize your day in the morning 

  • Define how you will show up during the day 

  • If you are feeling low energy, figure out what’s draining you and work on it 

  • Resist urgency by writing down impulses and anchoring where you left off to get back 

  • Track yourself at the end of the day