Get Laid In College Now

By : Leo Landers

The pretty straight-forward book however not a lot of new content. Pretty much re-stating the obvious


The keys to success and her hot naked body 

  • You jack off right? You probably got that nasty rag under the covers somewhere or knock it all out in the morning in the shower… Now I know this is radical and against what you’re comfortable with but I’d like for you to take a mini vacation from watching pornos and jacking off. When using the techniques in this book take 1 month off.

  • So why the fuck is this relevant? Well because masturbating 11pm on a Thursday to amateur porn isn’t real and it’s new to us. Think of it this way your ancestors fucked to get you to this point in time. They never had a screen showing billions of mouths open with cum or scheduled their jack off session.


Why Your Interpretation Of Events Effects How You Feel And How To Immediately Change It To Become A Pussy Poppin Rockstar

  • Self Defeating Myth #1: : I’m just scared of approaching. I get nervous, scared, and anxious. I talk myself out if it all the time. Some women are just too hot and innocent looking. I don’t know what to say or look creepy. I need a good line. Even when I’m around my friends I wanna approach but I feel so hopeless and let hot chicks walk by.

    • Solution: If knowing women are ordinary people (sometimes selfish) or insecure most of the time because of their looks doesn’t murder any social phobias then you need to practice being friendly.

    • Every day from now on wherever you go in your daily life just try saying hi to strangers you pass by. It doesn’t matter if they make no eye contact with you. Some will say hi back and have a full on conversation with you while some will not. That’s the random world we live in. Just like a comet could come next month and kill us all.

    • Try this little game. Just say 12 Hellos to random people and then when you’re comfortable to women. After completing the 12 Hellos ask for the time or how the weather will be today. Push the envelope and ask the time to a cute girl.

      • Ask her how her day is going.  Ask her what she’s doing that day or what television shows she watches.  No pressure to ask for numbers or dates yet.  

      • You’re just in that moment communicating and realizing it’s okay to do so.

    • If you do not start becoming friendly today expect this book to be a waste of your investment. Go ahead print it out on some nice paper and roll some joints.

  • Self-defeating Myth #2:  I have no game or very little. I’m in my early twenties and the most I’ve had is some drunken girl making out with me. I feel like this is a catch twenty two. I can’t get chicks because I don’t have experience. I can’t get experience because I don’t understand chicks.

    • Solution: Do you think every woman you meet knows that?  Fuck no. She doesn’t even know your name. She’s not psychic. She only knows that moment and can only make an educated guess about you based on your character. Are you intelligent? Funny? Leading? All she cares about is how you make her feel in the now. After your interactions with her you become that awesome guy in her mind.

    • In order to automatically look sexually attractive practice I recommend walking with a straight back and with your head up.

    • You: “Hey, I saw you walking and I wanted to meet you” Her: “Umm okay. Why?” Some women might open up instantly and be friendly while others hesitant. You: “I think you’re cute let’s grab coffee/drinks” In that moment you don’t ask. You bring your phone out and get ready to take her number down. At this point nervous women will give you the bullshit of “I don’t even know you” I always say: “Well, how else am I supposed to get to know you. Come on I’m not crazy” Your persistence will help uncertain women sense your confidence and allow them to give in. Her only option is either to give it or give you some excuse so you can be on your way meeting another cute woman.

  • Self-defeating Myth #3:  I’m scared of rejection. I don’t like the feeling. So I choose not to approach hot women that I want but I do feel comfortable when I’m drunk. Sometimes I say hi. Sometimes they don’t hear and walk away. Iono…

    • Solution: Nobody likes rejection. Not even some of the women rejecting you. That is why some women act nice and tell the guy she’s busy instead of honestly telling him she doesn’t want to bang him. But of course some of her drunken girlfriends might be honest. I’ve heard “She doesn’t want to fuck you. Leave you asshole.” That’s when you smile, say bye, and meet another chick.

    • If they laugh or walk away from you that doesn’t mean you’re a shitty guy all of a sudden.  You have two things to believe when crap like that happens:

      1. Believe you’re full of shit. Holding on to this belief will make you depressed and tempt you to pick up the bad habit of the using drugs/alcohol/staying inside & playing video games all day to feel better. It’s a slippery slope. This is also called a coping mechanism.

      2. Believe you’re still awesome and another chick will be interested. With this belief, you’ll brush off rejection and probably laugh about how easily you found out the end results. She’s not interested and now you can move your attention to finding a woman who is.

  • Avoiding pain will never give us what we want. So we have to charge through it and laugh it all off because the pain isn’t real. It’s an illusion we’ve created to keep us stuck in a world of bitching.

  • Telling hot women what to do isn’t demanding it’s merely a process which she knows you’re a sexual being that can handle and facilitate her dirty primal needs. She can’t take initial responsibility otherwise she gets the slut card (or may think you’ll see her as one) whereas you can take all the blame and help her cum privately.

  • As you can tell by now, battling inner demons is 99% of the game. That 1% is complete freedom. You were there as a child before society or family rules came to fool you.



5 Life Changing Beliefs That Flip The Ladies Man Switch

  1. I only care about my life and its happiness. Therefore, I don’t give a FUCK about negative critics.

    • When conflict arises tell them in a serious tone: “You know. I love you.” Then get closer and hug them tightly and repeat while they're in your arms “I love you and I’m sorry I’m not perfect. I love you and I just wanna be a better son but I need you to communicate better with me.”

  2. I will let go of things I cannot control and take action for what I can control

    • So that chick didn’t text back and it’s been a week or you fucked her tight pussy and things are going sour. Well pal life goes on. There are billions more ready for you. People move. People change. People forget.  So what if someone didn’t like what you said or did?  As long as it didn’t physically/emotionally harm them it doesn’t matter. So what if you couldn’t get that girl you really wanted to fuck since junior high? So what if that woman you love broke your heart?  Try the hell again with different women.

  3. Women want SEX just as much as I do and probably more!

    1. Here are a few sexual indicators:

      1.  Wearing tight bright clothing, makeup, and showing more skin when usually they don’t.

      2.   She sounds and looks more attractive to you than usual (It’s your hormones they’re picking up on her availability via pheromones)

      3.  She’s more touchy-feely/flirtatious than before

    2. You can meet a woman today and bang her within a few hours or less if she lets you. Thinking you have to get to know her for a while is only a self-limiting belief. Get to know her after sex during pillow talk.

  4. If she doesn’t fit my standards or doesn’t find me interesting I will look for someone else

    1. No effort on her part to meet = No sexual attraction for you.

  5. Fucking is a matter of probabilities

    1. Nature Dictates that Males display and Females Choose That’s right. Women in all their pretty looks play the old bait, hook, reel game 24/7.  What most guys don’t realize is the simple answer to always winning:


The Exact, Simple, Step-By-Step, Seduction College System From Approach To Bang

  • To tell you the truth it’s just tedious work of constantly collecting numbers and following them up. The fun parts are the dates and then shoving your dick in vaginas.

  1. For approaching college women anywhere:

    •  Get her attention

      • “Hey is your name Ashley?”

      • “Hey do you know what time it is?” 

      • “I saw you at that party last Friday and I never got to say hi to you”

      • “I saw you walking and I wanted to talk to you”

      •  “I saw you sitting down and I wanted to talk to you”

      •  “I saw you going to the gym and I wanted to talk to you”

      •  “I want to meet you. Hi” 

      • “I like your style. Hi”

    •  Express your Intention

      • “I think you’re hot” 

      • “I think you’re sexy”

      •  “Actually I don’t care about the time. I think you’re cute”

      • She may say thank you or just say “I gotta go see ya.” For those chicks who try to walk away be persistent! Tell her wait! And use your hand motion to get them to walk back to you. Don’t move where you’re standing.

    •  Get her Number

      • “Let’s get coffee sometime” 

      • “Are you free to hang out later?”

      • “Wanna hang out and get lunch sometime?”

      • “What’s your number?”

      • You might even meet a chick so interested that she hangs out with you the whole day because she was bored. In those cases try to push the situation sexual. Start with thumb wars.

  2. On dates: 

    • Ask about her life 

    • Share your life experiences with statements

    •  Lead her around

  3. Alone with her: 

    • Engage 

    • Kiss 

    • Bang

      • Most importantly ask her how she reaches orgasm. Is it through intercourse? Oral? Playing with the clit? She’ll love that you’re willing to learn about her body instead of jumping and poking around like all insecure men.

      • Understand that first time sex with a new woman you just met can easily be awkward and sloppy. Expect it because it’s normal. It can also be anxiety provoking for

      • When one of you leaves text her later or the next day about how you enjoyed hanging out with her otherwise she might feel used. She may think you thought it was a 1-night stand if you don’t reply.

  4. Pick your relationship 

    • Fuck buddy 

    • Long-term lady 

    • Not interested


My Blunders Can Triple Your Success Rate And The Amount Of Hot Action In Your Life

  • Shaking hands, playing thumb wars or rock paper scissors, pats on the back and hugs help get two people comfortable with each other. Always communicate playfully with touch when first meeting women. When you like what she says give her a high five. After you’ve met her hug her when you two part ways. And for groups of women do group hugs. This is how women communicate and get attracted to you quickly.

  • Try to do a study session with all the hot girls. Get to know them a bit before you guys begin studying. You’ll learn if they have boyfriends just by chatting with them for a bit.