King's Code

By : Mark Manson

Interesting book about having multiple women in your life at one ago 


Chapter 1: The young king

  • Modern dating is better in a sense that it's easier to get fast and a variety of sex than it ever has been.

  • I believe that the only way to make an educated choice (marriage, eternal bachelor, etc.) is to have all options available to you. This means building, maintaining, and thriving at having a harem.

Chapter 2: The Royal Hierarchy 

  • What is a harem? For simplicity's sake, let's define it as a man's group of girls who he sees regularly and has sex with.

  • the following structure is a good basic guideline to start off with.

    •  Main Girl (1) 

      •  It's best to stick with just one main girl, simply because she is going to be the closest thing to a girlfriend that you actually have. You may even call her your girlfriend on paper. She should be someone you actually enjoy spending time with after   you've had sex. You'll do the "date" stuff with her like going out to dinner or to a movie--maybe even take a trip together. She may have the opportunity to meet your family if she proves herself worthy of it.

    • Dating Girl (1-2) 

      •  These are the girls you also enjoy spending time with, but who you don’t want to deal with exclusivity talks and deep feelings with. You may want to take them out as arm candy sometimes, or just have someone to do something with.

      • Most of the interactions should be about having sex, but a date once every few times is okay.

      • As long as you follow the rules, you should be able to keep her feelings in check, and she'll be happy having a good fuck and someone she can use as a + 1 to an event in a dire situation.

    • FWB Friends with benefits (Infinite, theoretically)

      • This is exclusively sex--nothing more, nothing less.

      • You will basically never go out in public with these girls with the exception of walking downstairs to let them into your apartment complex. You can make them a drink when they're over, but for the most part it should be late( r)-night meetings and no more than an hour or two of your time. Because of these rules, you can theoretically have an infinite amount of fuckbuddies.

  • Forcing things just to get your dick wet isn’t worth the mental strain, in most cases--especially when you live in a big city with tons of hot girls.

  • Girls do not fear the physical cheating that we men do. We are disgusted by the thought of another man having his dick inside of a girl that we care about. Girls are far more concerned about you having feelings or sharing emotional connections with other girls. Which, as men, is really not that hard to avoid.

  • Would you rather be stuck with a wife you grow to hate because you never truly got good with women, or find someone you appreciate immensely--knowing that out of all the girls you dated, fucked, and loved, you chose the cream of the crop?

  • No woman wants to look like a fool to her friends or family – or hell, even the beggar on the street. They care deeply about what other people think of them; it’s the very reason they coat themselves in makeup and color their hair. They conform to the ‘herd mentality’. Men can resist this to an extent if they work hard on it, but women are pretty much helpless.

Chapter 3: The Conquering 

  • 3 main ways to meet girls 

    • At Night

      • You hopefully have some friends who are skilled with girls as well, and it’s always in a social setting.

      • That is a lot of drinking, a lot of money, and a lot of late nights (and therefore, a lot of hungover mornings) that will take their toll on you over the course of months and years.

    • In the Day

      • Daygame is just meeting her in an environment where you’re both sober and ideally just going through life.

      • I would encourage you to do these kind of long (and yes, they’ll be difficult!) days if you are building your harem from the ground up.

    • Online

      • You should have a template of opening messages, responses to those openers, as well as messages to close down the dating website/ app chat and get her phone number. 

        • These templates should either be in Word/ Notepad documents on your computer, or in a similar app on your smartphone.

        •  Simply copy and paste these messages to girls as necessary, and then respond when you can. 

        • You should never be writing custom first messages, or even reading their profiles, until you’ve started conversing.

Chapter 4: The Balance

  • The Harem System

    • Keep leads constantly churning at all times; leads being phone numbers of girls who I have an interest in seeing and who have an interest in me (how much interest is of no matter). 

    • Maximize efficiency. I want to be having sex with half the girls I go on dates with. 

    • Keep them around; i.e. they are happy to see you after the first meet. After I have sex with them three times I want them to be “mine” for the taking, so to speak.

    • For this reason, the majority of my dates are for drinks in the evening, and on a weekday. This ensures she doesn’t have friends to meet up with later (Friday/ Saturday nights this is an issue), and I schedule them early enough (usually around 7pm) that I have enough time to make her feel comfortable with the idea of having sex with me.

Chapter 5: The Rules Of 3 

  • 3 new dates a week Keep to a maximum of three new dates a week while building your harem.

  • You should not wait for more than three dates to have sex with a girl. Frankly, it’s never worth it.

    • 3 solid prospects at all times: 

    • 3 messages without a response

    • Do not see them 3 times in ten days

    • 3 girls at any one time

Chapter 6: The Courtship 

  • Once a date is set up, you should go for one of two options as far as the “when” to sleep with her.

    1. Option 1: Pushing for sex the same night of the date.

      • if you push too hard for sex on the first date, she’ll think that’s all your after and won’t agree to meet you again.

    2. Option 2: Plan to only meet her for an hour to an hour and a half maximum. After this, you will bow out due for any number of reasons, and then go the glory on the second date. This gives her the illusion that she won’t have sex on the first date, and so oftentimes they will sleep with you on the second date with little or no resistance.

      • If she has to tell her friends (if she tells them at all) that she had sex with a guy on the first date, she feels judged and shamed.

Chapter 7: The Conversation

  • Getting dates, getting girls on dates, and having sex with them isn’t hard. The process of learning how to keep them around and managing your harem is the hard part.

  • Really, the method is simple: once she’s had sex with you, have sex with her a few more times in the next couple of weeks. you can rest assured that she is usually into you enough that she won’t just fall off the map. This is when you start setting things up to what tier of the harem you want her in.

  • Women have almost all of the power prior to sex because they have something that you want – sex with her. After they give that up and the mystery is gone, you often have what they want— Commitment.

  • Always be present with her. This means that you treat her well and make her feel like she matters to you. And any of your harem girls should mean a little bit to you.

  • You should not be the one to say anything along the following lines first:

    •  “I really like you.”

    •  “I really like spending/ enjoy time with you.” 

    • “Can I meet your friends and/ or family?” 

    • “Let’s go to [location or event] in 3 months.”

    •  “Where is this going?”

  • The first time you have sex with her, do not hesitate to get a little rough: Order her into a new position. Pull her hair with a little force. Give her a couple of stern spankings. Lightly choke her. Kiss her with passion. If she reacts by moaning and getting more into it, or you feel her get wetter, don’t hesitate to up the ante.

Chapter 8: DTR (Define the relationship)

  • Past this, think long and hard about the following points before making a commitment:

    • Have you spent considerable time together; i.e. entire weekends, or even a short trip? If so, were you sick of her after a day? 

    • Have you met her family? It’s likely you may have already. If so, how is her relationship with her mother? Does she like her father? 

    • What does she do for you already? Does she cook and clean your apartment when you’re busy at home, or does she sit on the couch and play on her smartphone? Keep in mind that it is unlikely she will ever do more than she already does for you once she “has” you. 

    • How do your sex drives compare? If you’re already getting bored of sex with her, then think long and hard about committing. Likewise, getting into a relationship isn’t going to make her desire sex with you any more than she already does. 

    • Do you have any major future plans to move, travel, etc.? What are your dreams?

Chapter 9: The End-Game & Your Happiness

  • Managing a harem, and picking the best one if you so choose, proves to yourself that you picked one of the best. There is a proud self of sense in the man who has a beautiful girl at his arm.


How to give her multiple orgasms

  • 5. The Beginning of Physical Escalation Foreplay should really start the multi orgasm experience off. Again, always ere on the side of being “too rough” or dominant. Trust me, in almost every case she can take more than you’re giving her. The tolerance of pain women have during sex continues to astonish me. Ironically, they’re the biggest pain tolerant wimps in the world once your dick isn’t inside of them. So what does this mean from a foreplay aspect? Grab her neck and pin her against a wall. Yank her hair back at the base and kiss her with passion. Grind your nails down her back. Bite her neck right on the border of drawing blood.

  • My point is, don’t take too long to rip her clothes off. Do it in an aggressive way. Since we’re in the matter of giving her a multi orgasm experience— keep your clothes on, for now. We’ll get into how to give her multiple orgasms from penetration near the end of this.

  • 7. Learn To Love Missionary There is a good reason missionary is probably the most “popular” sexual position. It allows the most flexibility, by far. The problem is that most guys do the ‘thrust gently and look into her eyes” deal with missionary, which gives it a bad rep.

  • 8. Fingers… Not Tongue This by far the easiest way to give her multiple orgasms. You want to use your fingers, do not bother with going down on her. It’s nowhere near as effective to make her cum repeatedly. Understand that a multi orgasm run is very fast-paced and very powerful.

  • To stimulate the g-spot, you should optimally use two fingers (tightness allowing), and use the technique I described above. Insert both of them, curl your fingers in a “come hither” motion, and just keep going. Start slowly, but you can start ramping up the intensity and the physical roughness of it, too. Once you get her going, you can almost use your entire arm as a way to stimulate, which will feel like you’re shattering her vaginal walls in half— just remember, babies come out of there. She can take it.The process means that you’ll effectively be moving your arm up and down, using it as a powerful way to stimulate her as opposed to just moving your fingers. You should continue moving your fingers in conjunction with your arm, too.

  • 16. Post Coital Whether you gave her a multi orgasm session from penetration or from finger stimulation doesn’t matter – when sex is done, it’s important to let her snuggle up to you – trust me, she’ll want to. Hold her close and make her feel safe. Let her know how sexy it was to watch her lose control. This will cement those happy chemicals that bond her to you – and she’ll be yours however you please.

  • In reality, for women it’s all about the journey, not the destination. This is why you must learn how to dominate a woman. You can give a woman mind-blowing sex without ever giving her an orgasm. No matter how mind-blowing sex is for a man, if he doesn’t finish— it sucks. It’s downright painful.


How to dominate a women

  • To allow herself to be dominated a woman must mentally submit.

  • Therefore, work on your frame from an emotional sense. Make sure you are leading her at all times – you pick the dates, you tell her when you’re free, etc. Do not show her too much emotion, and be her rock. Hold her close and make her feel safe. If she constantly cuddles up to you and nuzzles herself in, while looking into your eyes like a doe – you’ll know you have her in a situation where she could have a multi orgasm experience.