Powerful Storytelling


By: Saledad O'Brien

Part 1: What makes a great story?

  • Don’t forget to keep the human watching the story to stay at the center of the story 

  • Weave a story that tried to understand the human being at it’s core 

  • Company Storytelling:

    • Who works here 

    • This is the good we are doing in the world

  • If you are trying to pitch something that is not authentic, people will try to prove you wrong & laugh at you

  • Great stories include challenges, attempts, missteps, failures 

  • Great stories use data & details to build context and credibility 

Part 2: Getting started, the idea & the support 

  • Idea: What’s the story about? 

    • Look for the weird, surprising or illogical. Spark your own curiosity first 

  • Gathering Support 

    • Funding, Airing, 

  • Casting

    • Voiceover?

    • Narrative Style?

    • Visual Type?


Part 3: Structuring your story 

  • Start your story in the middle to grab your audience’s attention 

    • What’s happening this moment? 

  • Then go into it all started as an idea…….

  • Who’s our audience?