By Michael Karnjanaprakorn,

Real Productivity: Key Ideas

  • Stick with ONE system, Core 2-3 Apps 

  • How do I take control of my own time?

    • Rule 1: Always Start Small 

      • Don’t try conquering the world in a go, start step by step 

  • Organization Plan 

    • Step 1: Set Yearly Goals (The help you prioritize working on the most important things) 

    • Step 2: Quarterly Review (See where you have reached every 3 months) 

    • Step 3: Weekly System 

  • Weekly Planning Framework 

    • Plan -> Do -> Review Model 

      • 3 Priorities for the week 

      • 3 Priorities for the day 

      • 3 Wins for the week 

    • If you focus on the most important things, you will always end your day feeling great 

    • Work from the right side of the quadrant to the left 




Real Productivity: Demo 

  • Questions to ask yourself in weekly goal setting  

    • What are my goals?

    • What did I accomplish last week?

    • What are the 3 outcomes I want to accomplish this week? (Work & Personal) 

      • Ask yourself what are the accomplishments I want to celebrate on Friday?

    • What are the wins for this week ?

    • What are the big misses/learning?