The Vision Of 


By: Neil Blumenthal

Part 1: Social Impact 

  • If you have a social mission, you also need to be able to execute it 

  • When you’re thinking about a social mission, think about how it ties to customers, the global community & local community

  • Your mission needs to be seen as AUTHENTIC. If you are not GENUINE, people will inevitably find out 

  • Understanding the problem in-depth is going to help you create the best solution 

  • Don’t think of your social mission from a purely marketing angle, it’s just an add-on to a great product 

  • Partner with non-profits/experts to leverage their knowledge and time 


Part 2 : Mission, Vision & Brand Architecture 

  • The words you chose have a profound impact on what your brand would finally be 

  • What are the best images that best represent your brand and why? 

  • Is it authentic

  • 4 Questions to ask yourself before doing something

    • Does it have a compelling story or narrative?

    • Does it do good in the world 

    • Is it unexpected? (Does someone want to share this with someone?) 

  • The more you do to stand out, the less you need to do for marketing 


Part 3 : Your brand as a story  

  • Think about your idea/company as a story 

  • Beginning, middle & end 


Part 4 : Launching 

  • What are the most important things to our customers? 

  • What will give people the confidence to join our team? 

  • What is important to investors? 

  • How to gain traction?

    • PR

    • Customer Service (Form of marketing) 

  • How to reimagine your brand to share with everyone?

    • Infographic of last 12 month journey?

    • PR? 

    • What impact have you had till now? 


Part 4 : Final Thoughts 

  • In order to attract the best talent, you will need a social mission 

  • Demand from your team creativity, ask people for ideas 

  • Creating guidelines/value to follow is essential.